Apartment D Films




Co-Founder/Creative Supervisor



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Apartment D was born from a desire to create pixel burning visual design and scroll stopping action that will bring our audience the same unbridled joy we felt watching Saturday morning cartoons. So roll out of bed, grab your favorite sugary cereal, and let us whisk you away to eternal weekend mornings of eye popping animation, enthralling characters, and heart pounding storytelling. 


With over 30 years of combined stop motion experience and millions of views across YouTube, our mission at Apartment D is to create an unparallelled visual experience in everything our artists create.


Sakuga (sa-koo-ga) is a term used in anime to describe moments of high emotional intensity exhibited through dramatic quality improvements in the animation. Here at Apartment D, we strive for sakuga to be more than a moment, but a driving force infused into every single frame we animate.

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