Apartment D Films

"6969 Level Up!" - Ninja Sex Party

We were honored to once again partner with the unparalleled rockstars Ninja Sex Party to reimagine their classic song "6969" as an action-packed, anime inspired, stop motion Saturday morning cartoon! This 10-minute animated music video is an episode in the adventures of Danny Sexbang (Dan Avidan) and Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht) as they travel to the year 6969 and seek to free humanity after human touch is outlawed by the evil Dick Elders!

Made by a crew of 19 kick-ass artists, this project was not only a love letter to NSP, but also to all the cartoons and anime that have inspired us over the years! We decided to pay homage to classic space opera anime, such as Cowboy Beebop and Outlaw Star, and packed this music video chock full of references to old favorites with a new NSP-twist. Sharp-eyed viewers might also spot references to Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan, and the legendary Powerline "I2I" dance from the Goofy Movie.