Apartment D Films

Meet Kira Bailey: American Girl of the Year 2021

Our second American Girl "Girl of the Year" series, created for the official American Girl YouTube channel!

Based on the first Meet Kira Bailey novel written by Erin Teagan, this animted series is about one hour long, and is made up of six 10-minute episodes. It features Kira Bailey and her best friend Alexis Curry, and follows their adventures as they help care for the animals at Kira's aunt's wildlife sanctuary in Australia!

We worked closely with Mattel, American Girl, and a team of nearly 40 incredible artists to bring Kira's novel to full stop motion animated life. Our puppet fabricaton team turned nearly 100 American Girl dolls and 40 American Girl stuffed animals into animatable stop motion puppets, and our incredible art department designed and built stop motion sets for eight different locations to create a complete world and bring both Kira and her world to the screen. All of the stop motion animation for the series was animated by a team of eight animators over the course of 11 weeks. The 2D animation was done by animator Chelsey Thomas and all post-production was done by the team at Dynamic Fox Films.