Apartment D Films

Burbank State of the City 2021

We worked with Burbank Mayor Bob Frutos, as well as members of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, to create the stop motion elements of the 2021 Burbank State of the City presentation!

Using the power of claymation (a subset of stop motion popularized in the 80's by shows like Wallace and Grommit and Gumby, and ads for companies like the Claifornia Rasins), we transformed Bob into a claymation version of himself, and animated him in various scenes around Burbank in a 3-minute animated section of this Burbank State of the City presentation!

Th claymation Bob puppet was around 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide. The body and head were fabricated out of clay built up ontop of an aluminum foil body, and the arms were made of clay formed around a wire skeleton, or, armature. This claymation puppet was sculpted by artist Ilyssa Simsek, and animated by animator Sean Malony at our studio space in none other than Burbank, CA.